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Why That Place, Inc.?
That Place, Inc. is built from the
finest American timber available.

The That Place, Inc. line of furniture is built in two very popular species of American woods; Cherry and Oak. The cherry used by That Place, Inc.comes from North America as does the Oak. These two species of wood make up over 80 % of all real solid wood furniture manufactured in the United States. Cherry and Oak have been popular American woods since Colonial times and the designs for That Place, Inc. is inspired by our rich Colonial heritage in furniture making and design. Being located in the Southern Mid Atlantic States, That Place, work was influenced evenly by the rich Plantation rice carved bed of the deep south and the finely turned poster beds of New York and Pennsylvania. But our most popular beds are by far the Pencil Post bed inspired by designs from Colonial New England Beds of the 17th century.

We use only SOLID WOOD.
No plastic, no veneer, no particle board, no MDF product. The process begins with the selection of the finest wood available in North America. The solid cherry is American black cherry (Prunus Serotina). The lumber is Kiln dried to specific levels commensurate with the manufacturing of fine American furniture that is dried to between 6% and 8% moisture content.

We hand rub in between each step of the finishing process.
This gives us a great quality finish you can get no other way. What's the point of making a quality bed out of beautiful solid cherry or Oak if it doesn't have a beautiful hand rubbed quality finish. We use in our cherry a warm medium reddish brown finish, which we will be glad to mail you a sample, in oak or cherry. The oak comes in a light oak and in a medium brown oak.

Our exclusive bed rail system.
Our bed rail system is taken from the antique method of bolting beds together. First the head board is bolted together then the foot board. After the headboard and footboard are bolted together then the bed rails are added making a complete bed. It is the cross bolting system that makes our bed extremely strong and durable. The pass through holes created for our cross bolted bed system are covered by a solid brass decorative plate which swings out of the way allowing access to the bolt hole. Our bed rails are not made from cherry because of the brittle nature of cherry but are made of another species of hard wood that is more adaptable to that application and is stronger for that use. The bed rails are 1 1/4" thick making them the strongest in the industry. They have a nicely rolled top making them pleasing to the eye.

These beds are so easy to assemble you don't even need instructions, just a 1/2" deep well socket and ratchet, but of course we do include an instruction sheet and you may e-mail us questions or call.

Thanks for looking and considering That Place, Inc.. Please e-mail us or call we like inquires of all kinds and welcome polite questions.

That Place, Inc. offers to you the highest quality, solid wood bedroom and home office furniture. Created from select hardwoods such as Pennsylvania cherry and red oak, you'll find our attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality is among the best in the furniture industry.

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