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The Process

1. The process begins with the selection of the finest wood available in North America. While That Place, Inc. does not cut its own timber, we do buy directly from the lumber yards, where the best timber is handled.


2. The lumber is Kiln dried to specific levels of quality allowing for the manufacturing of fine American furniture, that is dried to between 6% and 8% moisture content. At That Place, Inc., once the quality lumber is in our plant, we begin the process of making you the finest bed possible with todays quality timber.

3. First the lumber comes into the plant in a rough state already sliced into planks of specific thickness, but is in random widths and lengths. The lumber is cut into specified lengths depending upon what is going to be manufactured that day.

4. These lengths are then "defected" (a process where as many bad defects are removed from the wood as is practical). Defects such as knots and bad pitch pockets are cut away. These pockets are a character of cherry and only the worst ones are eliminated leaving some still in the wood.



5. Once the wood is defected, it is then sliced into acceptable widths that are then used to create a large flat panel for making the headboards.

6. Once the length and width has been established, the boards are glued , using a special wood glue adapted for use on hardwoods like cherry and oak, into panels.

7. The turnings and finals for That Place, Inc. are made from squares manufactured in our own plant. The process is the same for panels except it is done for thicker units that will later be made into the post of the beds.

8a. That Place, Inc. has its own secret process making its own squares for its beds that gives us a great quality assurance. These large pieces of wood called "squares" in the industry are milled on our large surfacing planer and turned into large, some over 4 inches, square blocks of wood.

8b. These blocks of wood are then turned on lathes in our plant into the beautiful turned beds that you see pictured in our pricing section. The pencil post bed is manufactured by a special process developed by That Place, Inc. , giving us a unique 8 sided pencil post used in the manufacturing of beds from Twin size to King.

9. After all the panels and parts are made for the beds,each one is individually assembled to ensure a quality customized fit.

11. We use state of the art sanding equipment where possible, however many processes must simply be done by hand, if they are to be done correctly. So we sand, sand. and sand.

This brings us to the finishing process.

10. One of the most important processes performed at That Place, Inc. is sanding ... Sand, sand, sand, sand ... We take great care to ensure you of a quality finish. Before any finishing is ever done, every part on every bed is sanded, and then sanded again.

12. We use a 28 step process of finishing that begins with a wash coat of color and ends with evenly applied layers of high quality lacquer. Unfortunately, we won't tell the details of our finishing process, because it's a trade secret that we developed over 20 years ago. We hope you understand.

13. One of the old fashioned steps taken at That Place, Inc. is the hand rubbing in between each step. This gives us a great quality finish, and a deep hand rubbed look you can get no other way.These layers are hand rubbed before we begin the final process of pre-assembly, packing your bed, and speeding it on its way to you via UPS.

14. These beds are so easy to assemble, you don't even need instructions. All you need is a 1/2" deep well socket and ratchet, but of course we do include instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us or call.

15. We have the only line of high quality poster beds in America that are completely able to be shipped via UPS any where in the world. Thanks for considering That Place, Inc. We enjoy inquiries of all kinds and welcome polite questions.

That Place, Inc. offers to you the highest quality, solid wood bedroom and home office furniture. Created from select hardwoods such as Pennsylvania cherry and red oak, you'll find our attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality is among the best in the furniture industry.

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